Week in Review



Omakase at Sushiginzaonodera with Juanito and Nicholas > Link

Thanks to the gents for bringing me along. That うに though 🍣

Paradox of Choice TED Talk > Link


  • The example of supermarkets and stores, all the variations of choice. Reminds me of Apple's (fairly) straight forward business model of only 3 choices, with no real option to augment or upgrade anything. It's presented simply in-stores, they make the choice clear cut.

  • The example of how pharmaceuticals are marketed to people but they can't actually buy them without a visit to the GP majority of the time, amazing observation.

  • The comparison to what life looked like a few hundred years ago (set in stone) compared to now (a tablet to make your own choices). Connects nicely to Sapiens which touches on how the last 100 years has changed dramatically for choice. Also how in Japan (and other countries) less than 200 years ago, you might only consume a few stories and choices per year compared to our daily intake of information saturation and choice.

  • "Paralysis rather than liberation" > this ties in nicely to the GTD framework and focusing on what's essential now and what's not.

  • The mutual fund example of having dozens to choose from rather than a few.

  • The "imagined alternative" / opportunity costs which causes friction post decision making.

  • Escalation of expectations > the jean buying example, with all the options available the expectation to what they should be, went up. Minimalism for the win.

  • His secret to happiness is "low expectations”, fun point and picture example.

  • Comments around the rise of depression were quite profound. Why choice can make you miserable, regret and anticipated regret, opportunity cost, escalation of expectations and self-blame.

  • What enables all of this choice is material affluence. The problem of modern affluence in western societies. Interesting thinking point.

Decision Making > Link

"Realize that the perfect decision does not exist. And no amount of analyzing will prevent that."

Reading: Make Time > Link

From the author of Sprint, Jake Knapp.

Making me reconsider some current GTD practises. Likely changing up my workflow.

Listen: Acres by Sam Gellaitry > Link

Silky. Plug in and listen to this early in the morning or late into the evening.

Extended Travel in Relationships by Tynan > Link

Simple take on the dynamics of relationships for someone location independent.

I’ll inevitably be in this situation throughout the next few years as my life / career progresses.

Why We Struggle To Make Time For Solitude by Zen Habits > Link

The month of March will be about doing more of this.

Extended weekend trips outside of Tokyo. Screen-less Sunday’s. Calm.

Joe Rogan Kicking a Bag with GSP > Link

More from Thom Yorke’s Suspiria > Link

Delete Your Facebook Account > Link

Props to Juanito for the weekly recap idea.

See you next week 👋🏻